My launch center on Escape From Planet Samfira 2 is on the way and is getting updated everyday. Sorry i haven't been able to blog or post anything new, I've just had useless homework and college stuff to get out of the way. But now I put an official countdown timer on my website which my new episode will be released! I'm 35% done and from the looks of it, I'M ON SCHEDULE for the planned released date.

The first episode is up on my site and on NG. It's my first animation and its not that great but my 2nd episode is much better and longer! PM if you have any Q's or any concerns.


Still working on my site

2008-08-25 00:55:26 by king22edu
Still under construction and needs alot more work. This is my first site so hopefully HTML wont turn so complicated. Anyway, gotta get ready for school tomorrow -_- so i'll try to post more often.

First Flash Submission!

2008-08-11 15:51:40 by king22edu

Really excited because today i got the balls enough to submit my flash. Its my first one and i hope people like it. I'm also designing my website, might take a while but cant wait until it goes up and running!

I'll update as much as i can....